The Podcast

The Podcast

Lead Different offers two podcasts to help you along in your leadership journey.

The original Lead Different Podcast was created to facilitate discussions with people seeking to help others do good in their workplaces and communities.

Russ Off the Cuff was created by founder Russ Ewell to provide on-the-go commentary as companion pieces to each week’s Lead Different article.

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Podcast Episodes

  • Creating Effective Leadership Teams
    Dr. Gregg Marutzky was a special guest on the Lead Different podcast this week, where we discussed self-awareness and strong leadership teams.
  • Why Inclusivity and Understanding Are Necessary When Talking about Vaccines
    In today’s podcast, Russ talks with Dr. Dave Traver and Dr. Dieter Bruno about the importance of understanding and inclusivity in the conversation surrounding COVID-19 vaccinations. On May 15 and June 12, Hope Technology School is partnering with the Bay…
  • A Conversation With Wiliam Deresiewicz
    An overview of my three-part discussion with author William Deresiewicz
  • Position, Purpose and the Mid-Life Crisis
    Listening to the second of three episodes from my podcast with William Deresiewicz, this episode is for anyone who wants to rethink and redefine.
  • The World is Changing: A Conversation With William Deresiewicz
    Tell me about a complicated man. – Odyssey by Homer, Translated by Emily Wilson The world is changing. Our only choice is how we will respond. William F. Buckley wrote in the first issue of National Review about the role…
  • Why Emotional Intelligence is Essential for Leadership
    When thinking about effective leadership, it can be easy to focus on the tangible: what needs to be done and how quickly can it be accomplished? While this is important, it is just as important to develop self-awareness and team-building…
  • Discovering My Voice
    In this week’s article, Russ dives into the story of Bruce Springsteen, along with the leadership lessons Russ learned in the process of watching him rise to fame. This is a five-part series chronicling his journey to discovering his voice.
  • The 4 D’s of Emotionalism
    Powerful emotions can derail, disrupt, distract, and disorient us. If we don’t learn how to handle strong emotions, they will begin to lead us and our company, department, or family.
  • The Need For Leaders
    The hope of these podcasts is to start conversations around leadership, knowing that this is exploration more than it is certainty.
  • A Passion for Leadership
    Much like artists, leaders are visionary. They see things that no one else sees and break the mold of what is considered normal.