Where’s The Beef?

June 17, 2016

Russ Ewell

We can call them leaders. We can assign them to a position. We can give them a title. None of these actions will make them leaders. Leadership requires substance and is about who you are more than how you are labeled.

My own experience with learning leadership is it takes time to develop the skill, and continual improvement is a necessity.  Unfortunately, we are living at a time where a great many people claim the title of leader, but when we look at the substance of what they are offering we are left asking “Where’s The Beef!?”

When Clara Peller made this commercial at 81 years old she was selling burgers, but commenting on substance. Substance is fundamental to leadership, and without the right answers to the following three questions, people may ask of our leadership, “Where’s The Beef?”

Do I Have Character?

There are a number of qualities which one could use to describe or define character. In my view, the simplest answer to this question is about self-awareness.

Does the individual who claims to be a leader know who they are, have a set of uncompromising principles, and the willingness to sacrifice any opportunity to remain true to their beliefs.

Do I Have Purpose?

Uncompromising principles are almost always accompanied by a deep and meaningful sense of purpose. This purpose is not born of selfishness or selfish ambition.

The purposes that produce and even demand character are about something bigger than self. While many people will lead and claim to be leaders, only those with this selfless sense of purpose can provide the type of leadership which produces enduring organizations.

Do I Have Humility?

Enduring organizations are built on something more substantial than a particular individuals personality or vision. They are built on a set of uncompromising principles and a purpose bigger than any individual. All of this requires humility.

Humility is the most essential quality necessary for great team leadership, and team leadership is essential for building an enduring organization. Team leadership is about shared vision, shared responsibility, and shared emotional commitment to the organizational vision. No one individual is more essential or important than any other, because only together can they make the dream come true.

Once we evaluate ourselves based on these three questions, we can determine whether we are leaders of substance or superficiality. We can discover our strengths and weaknesses. We can become more substantial leaders capable of building an enduring organization.

How will your life answer the leadership question, “Where’s The Beef?”